I’m fine thank you – February 2016

Fine 2.1

How often do you use that expression when someone asks how you are?  How are you really feeling?

When I ask people how they are and they respond with “Fine”, I wonder if there is something else going on.  When someone says “Fine” what that is really telling me is that they have “Feelings Inside Not Expressed”.  I’ve said this so many times when meeting clients for the first time, and they can usually identify with what I am saying.

We have all sorts of reasons for not telling people exactly how we are feeling, and I do this as much as the next person: –

  • We don’t want to bore or trouble the person who is asking with all our problems and woes
  • Sometimes it is just easier than going into detail
  • We are very private and really don’t want to share our feelings, especially with a stranger
  • Stiff upper lip, we just carry on regardless
  • We may be feeling really ecstatic, but the person asking seems a bit low so we tone it down a bit.

And many, many more reasons.

This expression is very often used by people who have an “invisible illness”.   If you have a broken leg, everyone can see you hobbling around with your leg in a cast, will show some sympathy and may ask you how you broke your leg.  But with invisible illness such as mental health issues, ME, fibromyalgia (too many to name them all), it is difficult to put into words your pain (both physical and emotional) or anxiety and often peoples misunderstanding of your condition puts you off even attempting to explain.  One friend of mine, Liz, at BuBakes writes a very insightful blog on living with depression and anxiety and I really urge anyone who either lives with or wants to have a better understanding to take a look.

Most of the treatments I offer work on both a physical and emotional level.  Although some people may view reflexology as just a foot massage (at this point I flinch just typing those words), it can work so much deeper and often brings raw emotion to the fore.  Whether this is from the actual reflexes worked during the session, or if it is just putting aside an hour devoted purely to that person and their needs, it doesn’t matter.  If it makes the person feel valued, cared for, relaxed and ultimately better about themselves then my work has been done.

So next time someone tells you they are feeling fine, think about what they are really saying.

Christmas and New Year – December 2015

I have been so lucky to have spent Christmas with my family and to have received such warm, heartfelt messages from so many of my clients, friends and colleagues over this time.  The year has absolutely flown by and it really only feels like yesterday that we were seeing in the start of 2015.  I am sure that the reason the time has gone so quickly is that I have been so busy, have a job that I love, and have met some wonderful people during the year through my work.

Back in November I attended the Bizee Women Christmas networking event (yes, we did celebrate early) and as well as having a lovely time meeting other business women, we also used the opportunity to donate toiletries and other items for a local charity for the homeless, Chess Chelmsford.  Speakers from the charity shared details of their work and stories which demonstrated just how easily people can become homeless through no fault of their own, and the work they are doing to help these people get back on their feet and to be able to support themselves once again.  I also supported the #BigKnit campaign, and managed to find some time to knit  some mini hats for Age UK Essex; Innocent donate 25p to Age UK for every smoothie bottle with a hat sold to help older people stay healthy during the winter months. bizee.jpg-pwrt3

(Bizee women Christmas networking event – I am at the back!)

During the year, as part of my CPD (Continuous Professional Development), I have attended a number of reflexology related courses including Foot Reading with Chris Stormer, Reflexology Lymph Drainage and training as an instructor for the Childrens Reflexology Programme and have other courses already lined up for 2016.  I am looking forward to sharing more on these in my blogs, on Facebook and with my clients in the coming year.  I will also continue to share the adventures of my #FridayFeet on my Facebook page so take a look and follow their adventures!

Thank you once again to all my clients during 2015 for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you in 2016 and to welcome many new clients.


Penelope x

Promises, promises – November 2015

I made a promise to myself that I would write a monthly blog once I had my new website up and running; two months in and I have already broken that promise. It isn’t that I do not have lots of ideas and things I want to write about, it just comes down to time.  I have not made the time to write the blog, I have not made the time to do something for me, I have not made the time to spend more time with my family etc etc.  Does all this sound familiar?

A regular conversation I have with clients is the importance of “me time”.  My clients have made an appointment with me and I am aware of how special that hour or so is for them.  For many people it is the only hour dedicated just for them in a life as busy, if not busier than mine and my aim is to try to make it as relaxing, special and important for them as possible.  However, like everyone, I do not always practise what I preach and do not always put time aside for me.  But, for a change, last month I did have a reflexology treatment.  The treatment was wonderful and I have to say how special it was to be on the receiving end for a change. I love my job, and always enjoy giving treatments, but by experiencing a treatment for myself for the first time in a very long time, I really appreciated it and went back to work with a renewed zest and enthusiasm.

And, my promise to myself……………………  keep up to date with family time, work and blogs, but make sure there is some “me time” in the diary as well.  So watch this space to see if I manage to keep this promise!

New Beginnings – September 2015

Although I have been a complementary therapist for some years now, many of you will know that this summer I have had to carry out a number of changes, mainly in relation to rebranding my business. With effect from July of this year I am now trading under the name Penelope Morrison Complementary Therapies.

At first, the thought of starting my marketing and branding afresh was quite daunting, especially as it was a decision that was made for me. However, during the summer I have come to realise that this is a wonderful opportunity and have spent the last couple of months working with Sharon at Bee Spotted who has designed my new logo and is working on my new website, business cards etc and has the patience of a saint. I hope you love it as much as I do. The support and encouragement I have had from family, colleagues, friends and clients has been overwhelming.

I am hoping that my new website will be launched later this month, maybe even in time for World Reflexology Week (which runs from 21 – 27 September). The aim of the week is to promote reflexology; to show the many benefits from having a reflexology treatment. As the Association of Reflexologists have chosen the theme for this year as “Healthy Ageing” , and as it is also World Alzheimers month in September, I will be donating £10 from every treatment I do during World Reflexology Week to www.alzheimers.org.uk. Alzheimers is a condition that so many of us have been affected by or know someone who has. Contact me to book an appointment.

I have also spent the summer knitting and crocheting hats for Innocent Smoothies – keeping my fingers nimble to do reflexology treatments. It may appear to be a strange summer activity to some but has all been in aid of Age UK with 25p donated for every bottle sold helping older people stay healthy over the winter months. Take a look at the Big Knit site for more info and how you can join the knitters. I will shortly be sharing some photos of my progress so far on my Facebook page.

As well as my new website, facebook page etc, I have lots of other exciting things coming up in addition to all my existing treatments and workshops. I am looking forward to sharing news, events and my thoughts in a monthly blog – so watch this space.

Penelope Morrison, MAR, MFHT


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